When it comes time for advocacy, Unique Hearts Foundation’s focus has been on serving the greater Miami community in a variety of ways all while staying true to its purpose and mission of helping families embrace autism in a way that they rarely get to experience. In order to meet those needs CEO Angelina Squire and Allen Powell make the most of their opportunities to raise money with events like the “Homestead Ribs Fest”, “Dinner with a Purpose” during Autism Awareness Month, and events sponsored by local churches. Mrs. Squire really lights up when she envisions a day that the children can utilize their competitive spirits with nice sports outing of playing softball, kickball, or volleyball.

“I look forward to the day that we have volunteers to help us coordinate creative events and sponsorship to continue to provide exposure for the children. Not only does it mean a lot to us but it means a lot to the parents who know their babies deserve to have play dates and events just like other children. Often times children with autism get left out birthday celebrations, fun days at the park, and swimming pool outings and so much more. It is a lot for parents to cope with because they want so much more for their children and many times they simply cannot afford it because of the expenses associated with autism and that is why it is important to have a community support system. We envision a day where we can go into the school systems and educate middle and high school students about autism. We can remember experiencing so many problems when our child was in school with other children picking on our son and bullying him all because he was different. The students know they are different but no one ever takes the time to explain why they are different, how genetics come into play, and how their development can be a slower process. We would love for students to have an opportunity to volunteer and spend time with autistic children because it will inspire compassion, patience, and maturity. I believe many students will learn that autistic children are awesome, gifted, and intelligent.”

Florida Autism Affordable Care Act

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